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Nurses Station by Empoura

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Everything you need to start and run a successful business as a nurse

About Us

Join the private community that helps nurses launch and build their own business!

This is not an open Facebook forum, Empoura Nurses Station is a private community for nurses who are serious about building their own sustainable business. With courses, webinars, internal topic threads, coaches, and nurses/business experts who have been there and done it. Empoura Nurses Station is the new era for driving forward nurse entrepreneurship. Designed to provoke engaged networking, thought sharing and support, you will never find a better community to provide you with the confidence, skills and trust you need to start building your own company.

This community is not free - it's for nurses who are betting on themselves, their ideas, and their futures. For those that want to work alongside, support, and champion other nurses who are going to change the future of healthcare.